State Auditor Rich Sattgast

Vendor Services

The Office of the State Auditor encourages all vendors to sign up for electronic payment (direct deposit) of all payments received from the State of South Dakota. Electronic payments, or direct deposits, are the safest way to get your money into your accounts without having to worry about lost, stolen or damaged checks.

Vendors can sign up for electronic payments through the Bureau of Finance & Management's Vendor Self Service web site.

ACH and Wire procedures for State Finance Officers

Procedures adopted by the State Auditor and State Treasurer for processing outgoing ACH and Wire transactions can be downloaded at the following link:

Policy Regarding Payments to Vendors.

The State Auditor's Office and the Bureau of Finance and Management are requesting that any individual, corporation, partnership, political subdivision, etc., who will be receiving a payment form the state of South Dakota, complete a W-9 form "Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification".

Your taxpayer identification number will be used by the state's computer system to write state checks. Therefore, we MUST have accurate names, addresses and tax identification numbers. In cases where the same taxpayer identification number has different locations, the state will assign a designated number at the end of the taxpayer identification number for each particular location.

The state WILL NOT make any payment(s) unless a W-9 form has been completed and returned. This payment may be subject to taxation at year end. See the IRS regulations for more tax information.

The following are exceptions to the rule:
  1. Payments to foreign vendors.
  2. Payments to U.S. Federal and South Dakota State Agencies.
  3. Declared emergency and disaster payments.
  4. Headstone allotments from the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

A completed W-9 form must be returned by any individual, corporation, partnership, governmental entity, etc., that does not meet the exceptions listed above.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact: The Vendor Coordinator, Bureau of Finance and Management (605-773-3411).