State Auditor Rich Sattgast

Local Bank Accounts

The State Auditor and State Treasurer are co-authorized by law to permit state agencies to have local bank accounts when specific needs may exist for such accounts.

SDCL 4-4-3. Public funds maintained in state treasury -- Local bank accounts as official accounts -- Signatories -- Statements required of agencies holding state funds in local bank. All state public funds shall be received and maintained in the state treasury, and shall be disbursed only upon proper authorization by the state auditor and the state treasurer, unless the state treasurer and state auditor jointly determine a justification exists for maintaining public funds in a local bank account. A local bank account authorized by the state auditor and state treasurer is an official account of the state subject to the custody of the state treasurer under § 1-10-1. Neither the state treasurer nor the state auditor may be a signatory on any local account. Any agency holding state funds in any local bank account shall provide a quarterly statement of activity in that account to the state treasurer and the state auditor.

SDCL 4-4-2. "State public funds" defined. The term, state public funds, means cash, checks, bills, notes, drafts, stocks, bonds, and all similar mediums of exchange which are received or disbursed under law, including rules, by a department, institution, commission, any other agency of state government, or any entity created for the purpose of risk sharing by joint powers agreement pursuant to chapter 1-24.