State Auditor Rich Sattgast

Annual Reports

In accordance to South Dakota Codified Law, the State Auditor submits an Annual Report to the Governor each fiscal year on the state's financial condition.

SDCL: 1-9-1. Annual report of auditor--Contents--Publication. The state auditor shall make an annual report to the Governor.

  1. Such report shall fully disclose as shown by the records of the state auditor, the balance in each fund at the close of the preceding fiscal year, all receipts and transfers affecting each fund, expenditures from each fund, the total amount of warrants redeemed and returned to him by the state treasurer, the total amount of outstanding warrants, and the balance in each fund at the close of the fiscal year reported;
  2. Such report shall further show the appropriation to all of the offices, departments, boards, and institutions at the beginning of the fiscal year reported; expenditures and transfers from each appropriation, the unexpended balance of each appropriation, and the amounts reverting from such appropriation at the close of the fiscal year reported;
  3. The report shall contain such tables, comparisons, and recapitulations as deemed necessary to present a true and clear concept of the state's financial condition;
  4. The report may contain comments, and recommendations concerning state finances; and
  5. This report may be combined in a single volume with the report required of the state treasurer by the provisions of § 1-10-2.

Source: SDC 1939, § 55.1309; SL 1939, ch 206; SL 1957, ch 283; SL 1980, ch 23, § 6.